Choose the Right Side

Respond to unemployment insurance requests online with Sides E-Response


When an employee files a claim, fill out the simple online form and attach supporting separation information. Return requests for earnings verification information promptly and with ease.


Forget about filling in little boxes and mailing in a response. SIDES E-Response allows you to respond to requests for employee separation and earnings verification information with the click of a button.


It’s a given that your information will be kept safe and secure with the nationally-standardized SIDES E-Response system.


No hidden fees or gimmicks. With SIDES E-Response, you are saving money on postage costs and resources. Keep your taxes low and avoid unnecessary charges.

With SIDES E-Response You Can:
  • Respond to Requests for Employee Separation and Earnings Verification Information Quickly
  • Cut Out Mail Delays
  • Make Changes Promptly
  • Get Back to Work Faster
  • SIDES E-Response Makes it Faster To:
  • Send Separation Information
  • Provide Supporting Documents
  • Respond on Time
  • Amend Responses
  • Send Earnings Verification Information
  • Prevent Improper Payments
  • Keep Your U.I.Tax Rate Low
  • With SIDES E-Response You Can:
  • Supply Confidential Information Securely
  • Send Electronic Responses Quickly
  • Communicate with NDOL Easily
  • Verify Receipt of Your Response
  • Gain Peace of Mind
  • It's far easier than the manual system ever was-no more filling in the tiny little boxes.

    The real beauty about it all is that the separation requests come via email so I can respond from my kitchen table, from my hotel room if I am on the road, or in the office.

    Using the online system is efficient. It saves time, it saves money that could be put to better use.

    The online form is a breeze to complete. It is much easier than the paper forms.

    The Two Sides of Responding to a Request for Separation Information

    There are two sides of responding to a U.I. Benefit Claim. If the employer has not signed up for SIDES E-Response, they will receive the paper form via mail. They will then have 10 days to fill out the paper form, remember to send in all relevant documents and hope that all the information is correct. If the employer has signed up for SIDES E-Response, they will be notified via email with the separation information, they are able to attach relevant documents securely, it is easy to save and resume later and to send in the response is fast with a click of a button.

    Go Now

    Having trouble figuring out how to get signed up for SIDES E-Response? Choosing the right side and getting signed up for SIDES E-Response is a breeze and will save you time and money. Follow the instructions indicated in the video to learn the step-by-step process of initiating the first step and gaining peace of mind. By choosing the right side with SIDES E-Response, you will experience a fast, easy, secure and free way of responding to separation information. Choose the right side - it's your e-responseability!

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